Secure Your Benefits


Secure Your Benefits is a network of people who partner with the nation’s top financial experts to put on educational retirement workshops. Our team has a heart for ensuring people enter into retirement successfully, and without stress that the future is unreliable. The financial professionals we collaborate with are the nation’s top specialists in educating people on the complicated process of retirement. Our team is dedicated to helping people achieve the retirement they have always imagined. Our seminars are always free events, and dedicated to coaching people to the retirement they have always imagined.

What Can You Expect from


Information is power. The more you know about your retirement, the more secure you can be about your future. Our speakers come from all over the nation as the best in their field to educate those entering into retirement. If you have a question about your retirement in 2019, they have the answer.


Our standards are high. We partner only with the most respected and prolific financial educators. All of our speakers are certified financial agents with years of experience. As retirement educators, we think that the ability to explain retirement in an accessible way is an integral skill for our speakers to possess. We’ve done the work to find the best in the nation so that you don’t have to.


56 % of Americans lose sleep thinking about retirement. Secure Your Benefits is here to bring you peace of mind. Information is key to feeling reassured about your decisions for retirement. Knowing your options and understanding the risk facing your retirement is the first step to a better, more secure future.