there are
567 ways to withdraw social security

Learn which way that makes sense for you at one of our free educational workshops

Secure Your Benefits is committed to providing educational workshops about retirement topics.

We offer access to workshops and seminars that will make it as simple as possible to retire the way that you have always wanted to. Our main goal is to equip you with all of the tools and knowledge you need to be successful. We care so passionately about your retirement that all of our speaker’s workshops are completely free to attend. Join us at one of our educational retirement workshops to learn how to get the most out of your retirement. If you find you want additional help, our financial professionals can craft a customized plan and walk you through every step of the financial planning process.

the process

In three easy steps


With proper information, retirement planning can become simpler. Our goal is to make your options as easy as possible to understand.


A poor financial plan can create instability. Our speakers are financial experts with a proven track record of providing support to people just like you.


We only provide information that has been utilized to create a more secure future for numerous clients. This information is tested and reliable.

Our educational seminars

What You Can Expect

Learn How Social Security Income Works

even if you continue to work after claiming

Discover Creative Strategy and Timing

to get the most from your hard-earned benefits

Learn How Pensions May Affect You

if you have a pension through the state or Federal government

Identify Additional Spousal Beneft Opportunities

even if you have been divorced

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